What is the first thing nine-year-old Billy wants you to know about him?
“That I’m smart and funny,” he says.
Indeed, the adults in Billy’s life describe him as a smart, likeable “jokester” who loves to make people laugh.
Billy adores being active and engaged in hands-on activities, such as fishing and playing outside. Alternatively, you might find him building elaborate Lego creations, playing cards or video games, or watching movies or sporting events. Cooking and baking are at the top of the list of things this ambitious fellow wants to learn. Billy feels he’s happiest when he is around caring adults.
An ideal forever family for Billy is one who understands building a strong relationship requires patience and trust. Potential families should have experience or training in understanding and addressing the impact of trauma. Parents should be active, involved, and willing to work together from a strengths-based perspective to help the entire family bond and connect.
Two-parent families from all states will be considered; Billy would love a home in which he has brothers, pets, and will support his relationship and need for regular contact with his sister.
What Billy wants most is the chance to be a part of a family who loves and accepts him...He’ll supply the laughter and knock-knock jokes.