If you open your heart to Christopher, you'll discover a social child who loves to laugh. This busy 14-year-old draws energy from being outdoors. He would thrive in an active family that enjoys spending time outside together. A successful family for Christopher would be a two-parent household in which he is the youngest among a sibling group. Prospective parents should understand that Christopher has experienced trauma in his life and support him with patience, structure, and a nurturing environment. Christopher utilizes an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) to help him succeed at school. At home, a family should be ready to encourage Christopher as he builds skills around impulsivity and problem-solving. Families from all states will be considered for Christopher. Despite the challenges Christopher has faced, he is resilient and optimistic. He excels at adapting to new environments and he is focused on his future. He wants to be a truck driver when he grows up. Will your house be the place Christopher calls home? The place he feels welcomed and loved? The space in which he grows, learns, and thrives?