"A family who will love me." Nine-year-old Tyler has one wish: a forever family. Adults in Tyler's life are amazed at his ability to adapt to new environments, despite the challenges he's endured in his young life. He is a "very happy" and "very friendly" child, and he loves to participate in family life and activities. Tyler is happiest when he is playing outside and interacting with family pets. He adores animals.

A nurturing family who will surround Tyler with patience and structure would be the best fit.  Tyler benefits from additional services at home and school to help him succeed. 

Tyler's DHS caseworker will consider one- or two-parent homes from any state. Tyler would love to grow up around other children, so siblings would be a plus in his life.

Tyler's wish is a simple one from a "very easy-going" child. Will you welcome this sweet boy into your family?