Zack, Gracie, Kadin, and Gary

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Zack, Gracie, Kadin, and Gary are four siblings who are searching a home who will love and care for all four of them. The best fit for these siblings would be active two parent families who can help provide them with clear expectations and consistency. The siblings love being outdoors, sports, scouting, and school. They would be ok being the only children or joining other children in the home. Having pets or the potential for pets in the home would be a bonus.

Zack, age 8, is an active and engaging young man. He enjoys participating in Boy Scouts, attending school and church, and playing with his siblings and peers. Zack likes animals and would possibly like to have a pet. Zack is described as a “great kid”, showing affection and concern for his younger siblings. .

Gracie, age 6, loves to play with her siblings and peers, is very kind and loving, and can be described as “girlie”. She loves to play with dolls, would like to take dance classes, and her favorite color is pink. Gracie does best with consistent reassurance and support from adults and caregivers in her life. She enjoys spending one-on-one time with adults and seems to thrive with individual attention.

Kadin, age 5, loves to be active and playing with his siblings and peers is his favorite activity. He enjoys participating in Cub Scouts, attending school and church, and he loves pets. Kadin can be very boisterous and loud when he gets excited; he is also very kind and loving.

Gary, age 2, is just starting to show his personality. He loves trucks and cars, playing with his siblings, being read to, looking at books, and snuggling. He is increasing his vocabulary every day and seems a typical toddler.